Many people would like to take a photo shoot with a professional photographer .
How to organize yourself for a successful photo shoot ? Here are some tips to help you prepare  for the moment to pass in front of the lens for an unforgettable moment. 

First of all, taking a photography session requiere energy and if you are tired , it will be seen on the pictures . Is important to get in shape and for that nothing better to spend the night before a good night sleep. Try to eat healthy , drink water to have a beautiful skin. During the photo session , the photographer may ask you to chain several poses , it will be necessary to squat , get up , keep your attention . It is important during a shooting to keep the rhythm and all that tires it is as well to be in shape.

If you have not taken the hairstyle and make up option with your photographer , it is good to make an appointment with a hairdresser a few days before and have a light make up. We do miracle with Photoshop but it's always better if it's natural. Avoid diving into the sea , your eyes will be red with the salt water and it is very difficult to correct and yours eyes will be more sensitive to the light.
Plan several outfits , confortables clothes in which  you identify yourself .Add small accessories  that will easily change your look...hats ...sunglasses , bracelets and earnings . Prepare your shooting in advance , ask your photographer for advice. Is important to arrive more confident and this will be seen.
It is generally the photographer who will wacht over the smooth running of your shooting , this includes the weather. We are lucky in St Barth it is often very beautiful . We will therefore no longer have to worry about the strong light . I will therefore generally suggest shooting times during the golden hours. Golden hours , is a technical term which describes the small period after the sunrise or before the sunset . So is better to organize the shooting early on the morning or late in the afternoon. It will be less hot , it will be less tiring , it will be easier to bear the strong light of the sun without sunglasses . So best shooting time before 10.30 am o after 4.30 pm.
In St Barthélemy it's easy , we are lucky to have 14 beaches , each one more beautiful as the others, the most elegant hotels and villas .Together at the time of the preparation of your shooting and according with your choices we will determine where we do your session.Whether on the paradise beaches of the Eden Rock or enjoying the sunset around the pool of the Christopher hotel , the Sereno , le Manapany o le Barthelemy. Maybe you prefer the sexy and natural atmosphere on the Salines Beach o in the rocks of the Gouverneur beach , in front of the antique and tormented murets of Grands Fonds . Around the Gustavia harbour surrounded by the yachts of billionaires . And also in your villa for a cozy and cocooning atmosphere . A photo shoot is a story , yours  .
Questions of taste , some like the photos posed and other prefer candid . My advice , do a research on internet , consult fashion magazines to find ideas. And communicate. During the session I will guide you , but it will be easier if before we determine together the style of the shooting. We will work in confidence , explain me your desires or delusions . This is a work that we are going to do together.
I love, we all love these great family portraits . Everyone gathers for the photoshoot. ..There are those who are quiet and ready in advance , the nervous laggards , the rowdy children . In short this happy moment can quickly turn into a nightmare . Please let me do it , I 'm used to organizing , listen to me.
You will have a wonderful time wether with family , couple o alone. Ask me for any questions ..everything is possible
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